VSBfonds Grant (Master, Bachelor) USA

VSBfonds grants allows every year to graduating understudies who wish to concentrate on abroad after their review program. It is unimaginable to expect to involve this award for a temporary job or exploration project. You actually pick the instructive organization abroad and sort out for your confirmation. The instructive establishment where you will study should be licensed by that nation’s administration. In the event that that isn’t true, you should show that the nature of the organization and study program you have picked fulfill the Dutch guidelines for advanced education.



To be qualified for a VSBfonds award, you should meet various necessities:


you are a full-time understudy graduating as Single guy or Expert;

you have Dutch ethnicity or a certifiable association with the Netherlands;

you are very propelled and capable enough in the language of your nation of objective;

you draw up a review plan that is in accordance with the review program your have finished.



The grant is worth 10,000 €.



More data about the VSBfonds concentrate on awards, the circumstances and the application system can be found on the VSBfonds site. You can likewise fill in the application structure there.

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