Individual Travel Grant (Master, Bachelor) USA

Could it be said that you are arranging a review program, temporary position or examination project abroad and you’re not qualified for an Erasmus or Holland Grant award? All things considered, you could apply for an award from the Radboud College Profiling Asset – the Singular Travel Award (IRS).   This award is planned as pay for the additional costs you have when you travel to another country for a review period. Such costs could incorporate tickets, visum, convenience rental and inoculations. In the event that no such additional costs are involved, for instance on account of a virtual report trade, you will not be qualified for the award. Additionally, your review program or workforce should support the outing, since it is of fundamental significance that your trade is applicable to your review.   Qualification There are sure circumstances you need to meet to be qualified for a Singular Travel Award for studies, temporary position or examination abroad:   you are enrolled as an understudy (full-time) in a lone wolf or Expert’s review program at Radboud College; your trade program will keep going for something like 2 months (successive); your trade program is abroad; you are not getting an Erasmus award, Holland Grant Program award or an award from the Radboud Praises Institute; you will acquire course credits; You have not yet gotten a Holland Grant or Individual Travel Award for study, (clinical) temporary position or exploration during your ongoing review cycle; you will leave in over about fourteen days. Benefits The pay adds up to 200 euros per month for a stay in Europe, and 300 euros a month outside Europe. How much the award you at last get will be determined in light of the quantity of days of your review related stay abroad. The remuneration is for a limit of 4 months.   Application Begin your application for a stay abroad through your Osiris account. When your personnel’s Global Office has temporarily endorsed your application, you will naturally get an email with additional guidelines for your award application. The award applications are open consistently somewhere near April for the ensuing scholarly year. So you will get the email with additional directions for your award application around April. Assuming April has proactively passed or you’re traveling to another country in the ongoing scholastic year, you will get the email with guidelines for your award application approximately one working day after your visit abroad has been endorsed in Osiris.   There is a connection to a web structure in the email with extra clarification about the award application. Fill in the web structure completely.

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